Monday, November 24, 2008

Wine Tasting and a Lovely Little Walk in Manly

So my travels this weekend took me about 2 hours north-west of sydney to the lovely area of Hunter Valley. Hunter Valley = wine tasting = 10 wineries and one brewery = drunken antics of epic proportions!!!

Again its lovely up there, we stayed at what can only be described as "rehab" it was called The Hunter Valley Retreat and well lets just say that our bungalow was called Success - there were others called Serenity, Prosperity etc well the list goes on and on

But it was a fantastic time, went with my housemates and my BFAM (brother from another mother) and we just had so much fun. I tasted A LOT of wine, some nice white wines, some not so nice white wines and a little bit of red wine though i am not a fan at all.

We went to one place with a guy who was really good at his job who had the identical mouth to johnny depp - as i said at the time a serious case of johnny depp mouth. hehe. so many quotes from that trip

"this place has copious amounts of quaint" me
"he has a serious case of johnny depp mouth" me
"kayleigh just wants some wood" Matt
just to mention a few. the only bad thing that was the weather...i mean how much does it rain over here in summer? if i wanted rain i would of stayed in the UK!!!!

BUT.........Today the sun was shining and the sky was blue so i took a walk to manly,

then i walked from manly to shelley beach where i sat and took some photos of some surfer dudes catching some waves -
man i really want a lens that zooms a bit more than my natural lens so i think that will be my christmas present to myself.

But the walk was lovely, i do love being by the shore/sea and so i think that may be a factor in my choice of where to live when i am older.....

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Bria said...

Your photography grows better by the second my dear! Come back to Cali!