Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What I have done so far

This is mainly so i can go back over and read what i did on my travels as i havent actually written down what i have done since i have been here and making my scrapbook has become difficult...

arrived SF sept 16th,
17th - went to golden gate bridge, north bridge, union square with macys, etc.
18th - SHOPPING went to haight then downtown. lunch at the cheesecake factory over looking union square. late headed to San Jose
19th - Santa Cruz, headed to see Brie ally's friend and she had the most fantastic house. then we headed to the santa cruz centre, had a look around the town and made our own perfume. had dinner on the pier. yum yum
20th - renaissance faire, some drinks on the town
21st - boating on anderson dam with allys friends, i bruised my bum. had a manicure in the evening.
22nd - botanical and japanese garden, then to chinatown, i saw grace catherdral, sushi for lunch, alamo square and then twin peaks at night
23rd - ALCATRAZ - amazing day there, then headed to pier 39 and had the most amazing dinner near the piers.
24th - chilled and went to the beach for the sunset - amazing, then me and ally headed back to San Jose for the last couple of days.
25th - monteray aquarium and villiage, headed to the tea place for ally.
26th - my last day in SF we headed to the deYoung museum for a glass blowing exhibition, then headed to golden gate bridge coz the fog came in, got some amazing photos. fly to Sydney

28th - arrive sydney after a long wait in SF to get up in the air. living in bondi
29th - headed to bondi junction to look around at the many many shops
30th - headed to city had a look around
1st - headed to darling harbour, chinese friendship garden, paddy's market and chinatown 2nd - nothing really
3rd - circular quay and rocks
4th - rocks market with matt
5th - manly grand final for NFL
6th - bbq @ matts bank holiday weekend
8th - move into seaforth house
11th - night out in manly
12th - bbq for nat
18th - randwick
19th DeeWhy
20th - start work
23rd melbourne
25th - races @ melborne

thats kind of it so far. all other plans will be wrote about in more detail.

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