Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bad things come in threes??

They say bad things come in threes right - here is my three,

One - had a pretty dismal weekend away in Ettalong, if it wasnt for the company it could of been a whole lot worse!!! I have to say, sometime travel guides can get it sooo wrong!

Two - yet AGAIN I did not get paid on time and I had to ring up and talk to my manager again to get it sorted, thats not too bad but you know sometimes you just want it easy on the work front


Three - I am ill, thats right, my immune system finally gave up and boy did it give up. I have a cold of sorts, mixed in with a fever and a sore throat, a banging headache and sore muscles. Now I dont often get ill but when I get ill - I really go the whole way. So my days off have been a mixture of getting my hair cut (good thing) and lying in bed taking pills trying to get better. NOT fun at all.

Well thats all my complaining done for the moment. Now for the good stuff, as I said I got my hair cut yesterday - check out the photo...................I got myself a fringe, I quite like it but I'll let you know how much I like it in a couple of days or so when I can't get it to look like it did the day at the hairdressers.

I also got my photos to start my sydney scrap book, it does seem as though I am going to need a seperate scrap book for my travels up the coast AND more pages in this scrap book. Apparently I take way to many photos.

This weekend is suppose to be the Blue Mountains visit, I hope that I am better for it or I will be very upset because I now dont have a free weekend until after Gary gets here, and thats only about 73 days...woooohooo I cant wait.

Right, back to the dreaded application form, the good thing about being ill is that you can get loads of stuff done (computer wise) from the comfort of your own bed.

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Nathalie said...

I like the fringe!!!