Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My First Blog

I tried another blog place but didnt like it very much so i thought i would use this one, so this was my first blog post......

I dont really know what to write so i thought i would write a bit about myself and why i am doing a blog.
I am from the UK and am currently travelling around australia. i live in seaforth near manly and until december and then after that i am going off to see the queensland coast and every city between sydney and cairns.
I wanted to come to australia to live and see how it is to live out here, which is what i am doing. but i also want to see as much of the country as possible. I had planned to come out for over a year but circumstances change don't they? and so my plans change and i am going back in february.I thought that i would write a blog so i can keep track of my feelings and thoughts while i am out here and it gives me a place to vent or gush however i want :-0my boyfriend is back in the UK, i kind of left him behind and i miss him terribly. i also miss all my friends i left behind. dont you just wish you could up and move everyone that you want to be with you to the country you want to live....if only it was that easy.

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