Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Surprises are the Best Invention EVER......

Its the day before my Christmas festivites begin and I am sitting at my desk trying to find some new music to listen to. I find loads by the way. There is a knock on my door and my housemate comes in with a massive, and I mean massive, bunch of lillies. "kayleigh, these were left outside for you" - who would send me flowers in Australia. ....

Yep they are from Gary.

There is a card and everything telling my how long until he arrives in Australia. It was the nic
est surprise I could of got what with a long week and the Christmas Cheer depleating from my emotions the closer Christmas Day gets. These Lovely flowers are now sitting in my room, the buds still closed and when I get back after my Christmas Holidays they will be in full bloom. ooooooo i Cannot wait.

And...its Christmas Eve tomorrow. It def does not feel like it. I have my presents and I have to pack them to take to Bondi where I am spending Christmas. I also have to pack for my Ocean Drive which commenses on Christmas day evening. I cannnot wait for all these adventures. Christmas is going to be strange thou, sunny (hopefully) no turkey sit down dinner, no family except my BFAM, and no crappy weather that makes you stay inside all day long. I hope its a good day thou, last year I had a hangover and this year could quite possibly follow suit....we shall see......BRING ON THE FESTIVITES

Monday, December 15, 2008

Canberra, Christmas Cards, Wollongong and Walking.....

Its getting near Christmas, I have recieved a couple of presents from Gary and I have even recieved some Christmas Cards!!!! Mostly from Gary's family, my parents and a couple of friends from uni - I love them. Thanks so much guys - means a lot to me.
So, its getting to Christmas and I do not feel festive, it must be the lack of cold weather coz it def isnt from lack of rain. It has been peeing it down all week here and I was worried that my "tan" would look the same as when I left but its all ok, the sun came out today and is apparently going to come out tomorrow.
Last weekend I headed to Canberra, I knew what I was getting myself in for so I was not disappointed but I was not aware of how much I would have to walk. Canberra consists of one main street with an awesome shopping centre and then a lot of museums.HOWEVER - the musuems just happen to be placed at opposite sides of this main street to trying to fit everything in in two days take either a lot of enery - or lots of taxis! I took the option of walking on the first day and taxis on the second. It was good fun. My fave place was the War Memorial. So quiet and reflective and I just thought that it was so interesting to look at and see all about the different wars.
This weekend I headed to Wollongong to check out a comedy show called Spicks and Specks - I think its similar to the UK Never Mind the Buzzcocks and I have not laughed that much in a long time. Fantabulous. Wollongong is not bad either, nice little seaside town. A bit far from Sydney but still the kind of place I could see myself living. Beaches, Shops, Bars and Relaxing - what more would you want.
Today me and my housemate did a 10KM walk from our house to Manly on the Senic Route which was a lovely walk followed by lunch in Manly, a coffee on the beach and then a beer by the pool. I had the most amazing day to day and after Friday - I get to do it every day that I dont have anything else planned.
3 Days left of work, then Wayne Brady on Saturday and then tis allllllllll PLAY from there xx

Monday, December 8, 2008

My Tree is Decorated in Festive Spirit

Just to let you all know.....this is now what my tree looks like

I had to haul all the decorations from the mall on the bus along with this weeks food shopping - crazy. Anyway, ENJOY I know I will. I just need to get presents to put underneath them.

Christmas Time in the Summer

Heya peeps, (all three of you that read this!!)
So....although it will seem obvious because my pics are up on both facebook and flickr - i put up my christmas tree on friday, unfortunatly being the unorganised people that we are, we had no actual christmas decorations so we had to make do with the stuff in the house. Me and Laurana contributed some things from our room to make a lovely tree with a Manly Sea Eagle Scarf, a fascinator, a flower and a Christmas Koala - I have to say the tree looks lovely though not quite Christmassy. I will be off to day to get some real decorations no fear and by the end of the day our tree will have lights and tinsel!!!!

We also didnt have an angel - so Bob the Builder stepped up and agreed to be tied to the top of the tree for us....

Canberra weekend update to follow..xx

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Countdown to Christmas!

So....i got two parcels in the post this morning.

One from my grandparents via my mum and one from my boyfriend.

Guess what they were.................YEP Advent Calenders. I mean here they don't seem to be that big a thing i havent seen any in normal shops only speciality shops and then they are priced around $12 and thats so not worth it. but its all good coz now i have two calenders.

I got one Kinder one from the grandparents, which included a lovely aussie christmas card,the first one of the year :0) and a metoyou one from gary...lots of chocolate for me to eat in my countdown for christmas.
Although this year my countdown to christmas is a little different. Instead of counting down to family time, coldness and a long day of eating food i am counting down to a BBQ with friends, sunshine and beaches AND a flight to melbourne to start my ocean road drive with the BFAM (brother from another mother)

Unfortunately with it being Dec 2nd, i have less than 2 weeks to finish my doctorate application yet i am still on this blog telling you about my day - oh dear i better get writing......

Canberra this weekend wooopwoooop i cant wait. xx

Monday, December 1, 2008

A weekend at home brings as much fun as a weekend away

This weekend I went....NOWHERE.

I had some friends come visit but the furthest I travelled was Bondi Beach. The weekend was actually really good fun. Nice and relaxed, had a day on the beach yesterday and the morning on the beach today with the sun shining and the surfers surfing....it was a great place to spend the day.

At Bondi the waves must of been about 6tf high and the surfers were out in their millions, I so could of spent an entire day sitting on the beach watching people catching waves, damn if I had a lens that zoomed in better I would of got some awesome shots. soon I will have the lens - very very soon.

So yeah not much to write now, this week I have to get my butt into gear and write my personal statement for my doctorate i only have three weeks left.

I also realised today that I only have three weeks left of this life here. in three weeks my life changes to that of a little traveller then three weeks after that my life changes to holiday mode. It's so weird that all these changes are happening in such a small amount of time and that when I get back to the UK my life it up in the air and I will be started from scratch - wow thats a lot of stuff to think about this week hey!!!