Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Personal Statements - possibly the worst things to write

I am applying for my doctorate and was definately not prepared for the application process. I mean i was prepared to have to answer some tough questions about why i think i should be doing the course and what are my views on education and child development but i did not think i would have to put all these questions into one statement and sell myself as much as possible. i have been sitting in front of my laptop for about 3 hours - and i have written 100 words - thats it, 100 words thats all i can think of to explain that i am the person they want to invest their money in to do their course. that really does suck. also being in another country the other way i can communicate with people that can help me is through email and the damn time difference means i have to wait ages until i get a reply. sometimes i think it was a mistake to come out here for 6 months when i was suppose to be filling out this application because i can't get the help that i need really. but i suppose if i dont get it this year i will try again next year!! and the year after that n so on till they let me on the course. right now i have moaned about that i need to get back to my 100 words.....on the up side i got a parcel from my boyfriend today - i have to say getting post that isn't from the bank or a bill feels sooo great, especially if that parcel has presents in it!!! got some tic tacs - green ones are the best, and some lipbalm that tastes as good as it smells and a bracelet to wish me a safe travel, along with other things. it really brightened up my day. sometimes therefore it's good to be away


Bria said...

Hang in there, lovely. If you need any help or if there's anything I can do, let me know!

PS Did you ever get the e-mail I sent through facebook? I think it bounced back to me but didn't say if it sent... :(

Natalie said...

Text me your address Turkey.... i will post you an even better parcel!!!! filled with even more love and treats :-)

miss you loads turkey

Nat xxxxxxxxxxxx