Sunday, November 16, 2008

A weekend in the mountain cures most illnesses

WOW, I have just come back from the most amazing place - the Blue Mountains. I had a wicked amazing time, took over 200 photos that are currently being uploaded (slowly) to my flickr and I just had the most fun.

The Blue Mountains are about an hour n half drive away from the city, a picturesque drive. We, me and Matt, headed to Wentworth Falls where a girl I had been introduced to was staying. The mountains are just full of all these little towns. The towns that have one street but a million houses surrounding. The towns that have shops that are run by the people that live there. Towns that have art and craft shops and bakeries and handmade trinkets. Just amazing.

While I was there I drove all over. (ok I didnt drive Dani did but I was an avid passenger) I saw the infamous three sisters, loads of water falls, I went on short strolls around the forests, I went on a train thing that scared the hell out of me, I walked under the canopy of trees on the mountain floor and I bought some lovely presents for myself!!! hehe. I always try and get some jewelry from places I have been and i thought that I would get myself a bracelet it was in the sale. soooo pretty.

I stayed at Danis and was made risotto - something I never had before because it usually has fish in it, it was lovely and I have decided that I like stuffed green olives but I do no like black olives!!!

Next week is the Hunter Valley Wine Country but this is not until I have headed to get some food shopping, I am running low on food!! and done 3 days at a work that I am undecided what I think about....

hope you all enjoy xoxoxox

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Bria said...

I love reading about your adventures!