Monday, December 1, 2008

A weekend at home brings as much fun as a weekend away

This weekend I went....NOWHERE.

I had some friends come visit but the furthest I travelled was Bondi Beach. The weekend was actually really good fun. Nice and relaxed, had a day on the beach yesterday and the morning on the beach today with the sun shining and the surfers was a great place to spend the day.

At Bondi the waves must of been about 6tf high and the surfers were out in their millions, I so could of spent an entire day sitting on the beach watching people catching waves, damn if I had a lens that zoomed in better I would of got some awesome shots. soon I will have the lens - very very soon.

So yeah not much to write now, this week I have to get my butt into gear and write my personal statement for my doctorate i only have three weeks left.

I also realised today that I only have three weeks left of this life here. in three weeks my life changes to that of a little traveller then three weeks after that my life changes to holiday mode. It's so weird that all these changes are happening in such a small amount of time and that when I get back to the UK my life it up in the air and I will be started from scratch - wow thats a lot of stuff to think about this week hey!!!

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