Monday, December 15, 2008

Canberra, Christmas Cards, Wollongong and Walking.....

Its getting near Christmas, I have recieved a couple of presents from Gary and I have even recieved some Christmas Cards!!!! Mostly from Gary's family, my parents and a couple of friends from uni - I love them. Thanks so much guys - means a lot to me.
So, its getting to Christmas and I do not feel festive, it must be the lack of cold weather coz it def isnt from lack of rain. It has been peeing it down all week here and I was worried that my "tan" would look the same as when I left but its all ok, the sun came out today and is apparently going to come out tomorrow.
Last weekend I headed to Canberra, I knew what I was getting myself in for so I was not disappointed but I was not aware of how much I would have to walk. Canberra consists of one main street with an awesome shopping centre and then a lot of museums.HOWEVER - the musuems just happen to be placed at opposite sides of this main street to trying to fit everything in in two days take either a lot of enery - or lots of taxis! I took the option of walking on the first day and taxis on the second. It was good fun. My fave place was the War Memorial. So quiet and reflective and I just thought that it was so interesting to look at and see all about the different wars.
This weekend I headed to Wollongong to check out a comedy show called Spicks and Specks - I think its similar to the UK Never Mind the Buzzcocks and I have not laughed that much in a long time. Fantabulous. Wollongong is not bad either, nice little seaside town. A bit far from Sydney but still the kind of place I could see myself living. Beaches, Shops, Bars and Relaxing - what more would you want.
Today me and my housemate did a 10KM walk from our house to Manly on the Senic Route which was a lovely walk followed by lunch in Manly, a coffee on the beach and then a beer by the pool. I had the most amazing day to day and after Friday - I get to do it every day that I dont have anything else planned.
3 Days left of work, then Wayne Brady on Saturday and then tis allllllllll PLAY from there xx

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