Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Surprises are the Best Invention EVER......

Its the day before my Christmas festivites begin and I am sitting at my desk trying to find some new music to listen to. I find loads by the way. There is a knock on my door and my housemate comes in with a massive, and I mean massive, bunch of lillies. "kayleigh, these were left outside for you" - who would send me flowers in Australia. ....

Yep they are from Gary.

There is a card and everything telling my how long until he arrives in Australia. It was the nic
est surprise I could of got what with a long week and the Christmas Cheer depleating from my emotions the closer Christmas Day gets. These Lovely flowers are now sitting in my room, the buds still closed and when I get back after my Christmas Holidays they will be in full bloom. ooooooo i Cannot wait.

And...its Christmas Eve tomorrow. It def does not feel like it. I have my presents and I have to pack them to take to Bondi where I am spending Christmas. I also have to pack for my Ocean Drive which commenses on Christmas day evening. I cannnot wait for all these adventures. Christmas is going to be strange thou, sunny (hopefully) no turkey sit down dinner, no family except my BFAM, and no crappy weather that makes you stay inside all day long. I hope its a good day thou, last year I had a hangover and this year could quite possibly follow suit....we shall see......BRING ON THE FESTIVITES

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