Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Time in the Summer

Heya peeps, (all three of you that read this!!)
So....although it will seem obvious because my pics are up on both facebook and flickr - i put up my christmas tree on friday, unfortunatly being the unorganised people that we are, we had no actual christmas decorations so we had to make do with the stuff in the house. Me and Laurana contributed some things from our room to make a lovely tree with a Manly Sea Eagle Scarf, a fascinator, a flower and a Christmas Koala - I have to say the tree looks lovely though not quite Christmassy. I will be off to day to get some real decorations no fear and by the end of the day our tree will have lights and tinsel!!!!

We also didnt have an angel - so Bob the Builder stepped up and agreed to be tied to the top of the tree for us....

Canberra weekend update to follow..xx

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