Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Countdown to Christmas!

So....i got two parcels in the post this morning.

One from my grandparents via my mum and one from my boyfriend.

Guess what they were.................YEP Advent Calenders. I mean here they don't seem to be that big a thing i havent seen any in normal shops only speciality shops and then they are priced around $12 and thats so not worth it. but its all good coz now i have two calenders.

I got one Kinder one from the grandparents, which included a lovely aussie christmas card,the first one of the year :0) and a metoyou one from gary...lots of chocolate for me to eat in my countdown for christmas.
Although this year my countdown to christmas is a little different. Instead of counting down to family time, coldness and a long day of eating food i am counting down to a BBQ with friends, sunshine and beaches AND a flight to melbourne to start my ocean road drive with the BFAM (brother from another mother)

Unfortunately with it being Dec 2nd, i have less than 2 weeks to finish my doctorate application yet i am still on this blog telling you about my day - oh dear i better get writing......

Canberra this weekend wooopwoooop i cant wait. xx

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Bria said...

Hello my dear! Thank you for your supportive comment on my blog. I appreciate it.

I'm always excited to hear about your travels, keep it up! (And move to California!)