Friday, January 2, 2009

Old Year and Old Adventures, New Year with New Adventures to come


But before I talk about NYE - Merry Christmas to everyone too!!!!
My Christmas Festivites included a hangover in the morning, drunken phone calls from the boyfriend and the parents - what with the time difference and all, opening presents, a BBQ -yes a BBQ, a walk down to Bondi to check out the "worlds best party for orphans" and then a flight to Melbourne. I have to say - it did not feel like Christmas what with being with friends and not family, being in the sun and not the rain and being on the beach not wrapped up in a million blankets in the house, but all in all i had a good day. I got some photos on Bondi to remember it all by and it was just the best Christmas I could of had here - thanks to my BFAM and his brother and his brothers girlfriend I was happy and festive and it was a little like a family :-)

I hope all your festivites were as good as they could be. Mine were awesome but when you are in Sydney for NYE for pretty much the only time in your life you kinda splurge and this year I most def splurged and it paid off......NYE I spent NO money (due to the fact that I already spent a ridiculous amount on the event itself) and so it was all worth it.
I spent my NYE on a BOAT, on Sydney Harbour. My boat was called the Blue Room and we were in the Light Parade and so got prime location for the World Famous $5 Million Fireworks - and man were they worth $5 Million. The went off the Bridge and the buildings and the water and just WOW - I am pretty sure that nothing will ever again compare to it. Unfortunately my camera and the rocking of the boat did not lead to producing photos that relay quite how amazing they were. I tried thou.....I have put the best one up here.

Talking of cameras -before I had my awesome NYE I went on a little road trip with a friend. And i say little road trip but i dont think it was. For the road trip I drove (well i was the passenger) the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. The Great Ocean Road is excatly what it is, a road by the ocean. I got to see a lot of famous places - Bells Beach (famous Surf Beach) Tweleve Apostles, London Bridge, Shopping in Torquay, Port Campbell, the list is endless. What I did do was take over 300 photos in 4 days. It was amazing, taking my SLR for that little holiday was like taking a jaguar or a ferrari for its first drive after you bought it, where you are pressing all the buttons and trying out every possible setting to make sure that you get the best photos. I put them all up of Flickr - took a whole day coz my upload speed on the net SUCKS!!! but they are up there, so if you get a chance (all three people that ready this) check them out and tell me what you think.

FINALLY I GOT TO GO SHOPPING!!!!! Everytime i check out the clothes I always change my mind and think that the money can go on travelling but the parentals gave me some money for Christmas so I can go shopping and I bought a whole heap of new stuff, stuff I can wear in UK like coats and hoodies and new thongs etc and a new hairdryer as mine decided to break about 3 weeks ago!!! such fun.

They were my last years adventures - now for this years!!!!

On wednesday I am taking my flight up to Cairns for the thing I have been looking forward to most since i got to Australia - QUEENSLAND COAST!!! I head up there for a couple of days before my organised tour just to check out Daintree, Port Douglas and Green Island just before I do the rest of the stuff below Cairns. I really cannot wait to go, see all the Queensland beaches, Whitsundays, Surfers Paradise there is sooo much to see. AND THEN....when I get back, at long last Gary is coming out for a visit. Been waiting for months for this and now its actually getting close - Scary.
But on the down side, Gary getting here means that its close to me coming home. Although I miss my friends and family in the UK and am looking forward to catching up with them ... im not sure if ill be ready to go!!! hehe typical huh, well my flight is booked and my course is applied for but just watch out people, i may be grouchy for a few weeks after i get back.....BEWARE!!!!

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